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jayant   |  2021-06-21

Top 10 cricketers with most social media following: The Absolute Definitive List

Social media now is an essential part of everyone’s life.

As a result, many cricketers, too, are trying to increase their social media presence.

Even though many of them post regularly, few also like to keep their lives private and rarely post.

So, here we look at the top 10 cricketers with the most followers on social media.

Top 10 cricketers with the most social media following

10) Chris Gayle – 15.8 Million

One of the best entertainers in world cricket, the ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle features at No.10 with 15.8 million social media followers.

An absolute legend in all the three-game formats, Gayle has served West Indies superbly over the last two decades.

Chris Gayle, the leading run-getter for West Indies in ODIs and has appeared for the West Indies side in more than 450 international matches.

Not only that, he has scored over 13,000 T20 runs from 406 T20 matches, which in itself is an insane number.

He loves to party like any other Caribbean cricketer and remains quite active on social media.

( Facebook – 4.6 million, Twitter – 7.7 million, and Instagram – 3.5 million ).

9) Harbhajan Singh – 21.7 Million

Harbhajan Singh, the veteran off-spinner with an impressive international record features at No.8 with 21.8 million social media followers.

He stormed into the Indian team by taking 32 wickets from the 2001 test series against the mighty Australians.

He was an important factor in India’s World T20 win in 2007 and again in the ODI World Cup in 2011

Even at this age of 41, he is still some match-winner with the ball in IPL for his team CSK.

As a result, Harbhajan has an excellent social media following where both kids and grown-ups are equally interested in knowing what he is doing.

( Facebook – 6.5 million, Twitter – 10.9 million, and Instagram – 4.3 million ).

8) Shikhar Dhawan – 21.9 million

One of India’s best openers in white-ball cricket features at No.9 with 21.7 million social media followers.

Even though he started his international career with the U-19 World Cup in 2004, it took almost ten years to cement his spot on the Indian side.

Over the years, he has slowly and steadily become one of India’s best white-ball openers.

Even though his run in Test cricket has not been that smooth, but his consistent contribution in white-ball cricket has always been invaluable for India.

His on-field celebrations are always great to watch, and it has made him a famous celebrity on social media.

( Facebook – 8.9 million, Twitter – 5.5 million, and Instagram – 7.5 million ).

7) AB de Villiers – 24 Million

Mr.360 of the cricket field, AB de Villiers, is one of the most popular cricketers in the world.

The former South African wicket-keeper batsman, even after retirement, with his innovative shots, is still entertaining fans from all over the world.

The former Proteas skipper, with his unique ability to adapt to any format of the game, has scored more than 20,000 runs in international cricket.

With his destructive style of play in the IPL for RCB, this versatile cricketer has made him even more popular.

That’s why he has a tremendous social media following even after retiring from international cricket.

( Facebook – 7.4 million, Twitter – 7.4 million, and Instagram – 12.6 million ).

6) Yuvraj Singh – 29.3 Million

Yuvraj Singh, the stylish left-hander from Punjab, is undoubtedly one of the biggest match-winner in white-ball cricket.

Be it India’s T20 World Cup win in 2007 or the 2011 World Cup, Yuvraj is one player who has always delivered on the big stage.

Even though cancer shortened his career, we can’t deny that he was one of the most charismatic batters the world has ever produced.

Even though MS has retired from international cricket, he continues to play in T20 leagues worldwide.

Yuvraj runs a charity foundation ( ‘YouWeCan’ Foundation ) which spreads awareness about cancer.

As a result, people continue to follow him immensely in the social media following after retiring from international cricket.

( Facebook – 14 million, Twitter – 4.9 million, and Instagram – 10.4 million ).

5) Suresh Raina – 35.5 Million

One of the best fielders and a useful middle-order bat, Suresh Raina is one of the most popular cricketers even after retiring from international cricket.

This talented southpaw from UP was an essential member of team India in the limited-overs format.

Much like Yuvraj Singh, he also played an essential role in securing India’s victory in the 2011 World Cup.

He often had issues facing the short ball, and his inconsistent batting form post-2015 meant that he was in and out of the national team.

But, Raina remains one of the most consistent performers for CSK in the IPL.

For that reason, he has a substantial social media following even after retiring from international cricket.

( Facebook – 3.2 million, Twitter – 17.9 million, and Instagram – 14.4 million ).

4) Rohit Sharma – 51.9 Million

One of the modern legends of the game in the white-ball format, Rohit Sharma is one of the most skilful cricketers in the world today.

We all knew about his batting talent, but when he started opening in ODIs, we got to witness the real Hitman.

As an opener, he has scored tons of runs everywhere globally and was India’s leading run-scorer in the 2019 World Cup with five hundred under his belt in that tournament.

Moreover, he is the only batsman in ODI cricket with three double tons to his name and four hundred in T20Is.

He is a perfect family man who posts many photos with his wife and daughter over social media whenever he is on tour.

Hence, Rohit has many fans following him in Idia and from all over the world.

( Facebook – 16.9 million, Twitter – 18 million, and Instagram – 17 million ).

3) MS Dhoni – 58.5 Million

MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the greatest wicket-keeper batsman India has ever produced.

In December 2004, when a long-haired Ranchi-born MS Dhoni made his debut, nobody ever thought people would remember him as one of the great international cricket players.

He is the only captain to win all three ICC titles and helped his side reach the No. 1 rank in ICC Test rankings.

He is India’s most successful captains and one of the best finishers the game has ever seen.

His ability to finish high-pressure pressure games for India across all formats has made people call him ‘Captain Cool’ of Indian cricket.

Even though MSD has retired from international cricket, he plays IPL from CSK and is often seen posting photos and videos with his cute daughter Ziva.

Thus, the former Indian captain remains one of the most followed cricketers on social media.

( Facebook – 20.4 million, Twitter – 8.1 million, and Instagram – 30 million ).

2) Sachin Tendulkar – 90.2 Million

Whether you are a Tendulkar fan or not, you must admit that Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best cricketers to play this game.

This cricket icon with 34,357 international runs, is the highest run-scorer in the history of the game.

In his 24 years career, Tendulkar has scored runs not only in India but in every part of the world.

The cricketing legend remains a keen observer and critic of modern-day cricket and always voices his opinion over social media.

Therefore, even though he retired from international cricket in 2013, he still has a significant following on social media.

( Facebook – 28 million, Twitter – 34.7 million, and Instagram – 27.5 million ).

1) Virat Kohli – 164.3 Million

Virat Kohli, the best batsman across all three games’ three formats, is by far the most popular cricketer in the world today.

Therefore, there is no surprise that Virat Kohli is the most followed cricketers in the world.

The Indian captain has more than 22,000 international runs and 70 international centuries and still is going strong at the international level.

He is quite active on social media and regularly posts photos on Instagram.

On the other hand, he has led India to many victories as captain, which has also contributed to his massive social media following.

( Facebook – 37 million, Twitter – 39.7 million, and Instagram – 86.9 million ).

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