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jayant   |  2021-10-21

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG): 13 Amazing Facts Every Fan Should Know

Situated in Melbourne in Australia, the Melbourne Cricket Ground or the MCG is one of the most iconic cricket stadiums in the world.

So, today we will talk about some of the most amazing facts about the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG.

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) facts

Image source: mcg.org.au

1) The Melbourne Cricket Club selected the site of MCG in 1853 and was used only for cricket until 1933. Later it was used for other sports as well, including the 1956 Olympics.

2) The first-ever international Test match Cricket match (Australia vs. England) took place in this ground of MCG in 1877

3) In 1877, Australian cricketer Charles Bannerman became the first cricketer to score a century in Test cricket in MCG

4) On 5th January 1971, the first-ever international ODI took place in this iconic ground, and hence called the birthplace of ODI cricket

5) At MCG, during the 1981 Boxing Day test match, India’s legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar took Chetan Chauhan off the field, as he was upset about an LBW verdict going against him.

6) On 1st February 1981, New Zealand needed a six off the last ball to tie an ODI against Australia, and Trevor Chappell, following the instruction of Australian captain Greg Chapell bowled an underarm delivery. It is considered as ‘one of the shameful incidents in cricket history.’

7) On 11th February 1984, the first tied ODI match took place in MCG between West Indies and Australia

8) In 1995, on this very ground, umpire Darrell Hair accused Muttiah Muralitharan of chucking for a record seven times during the Boxing Day Test.

9) MCG, called Australian Sports ‘Spiritual Home’, was the first international cricket ground to use the Super Sopper.

10) It is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere with 100,024 seats and was on the Australian National Heritage List in 2005.

11) It is the 10th-largest stadium in the world, and the second-largest cricket ground by capacity.

12) During the 1st day of the 2013 Australia-England Boxing Day Test, this iconic stadium had a total audience of 91,092, a record attendance in Test Match history.

13) This cricket ground hosted two ODI World Cup Finals: 1992 and 2015.

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