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jayant   |  2021-10-27

Lord’s Cricket Ground: Top 10 Facts Every Fan Should Know

Lord’s Cricket Ground, widely referred to as the ‘Home of Cricket’ is probably the greatest cricket stadium on this planet.

Owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the home of Middlesex County Cricket Club, this cricket ground is a dream ground for aspiring cricketers.

So, today we have listed out Top 10 interesting facts about Lord’s cricket ground every cricket fan should know.

Top 10 interesting Lord’s Cricket Ground facts

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1) It was established in 1814

Named after its founder, Thomas Lord, the Lord’s cricket ground was established in 1814 and is currently is located in London.

2) Sloping Outfield

In this iconic ground, the southwest side of the cricket outfield stands almost two and a half meters lower than the northwest side.

So, it causes considerable deviation to the ball and both bowlers and batters always need to consider the slope while playing.

3) First test match at Lords

The first test match played at Lord’s was between England and Australia in 1884, where England beat the Aussies by an innings and five runs.

4) Permanent home of THE ASHES urn

Since 1882, England and Australia have fought against each other in the Ashes test match and fought over the 15cm urn.

This ashes urn has a permanent home at this Lord’s Museum, and today, the current winners of the trophy lift the replica urns instead.

5) Home of the world’s oldest sporting museum.

Lord’s cricket grounds has the world’s oldest sporting museum – the MCC Museum, with a huge collection of cricketing memorabilia

It has a fascinating event space for anything including the original Ashes urn, a stuffed sparrow, along with the ball which Jahangir Khan bowled for Cambridge University in 1936.

6) Home of cricket board headquarters

It is the headquarters of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the European Cricket Council (ECC)

It was also the home of the International Cricket Council (ICC) until 2005 and the Marylebone Cricket Club, owning the copyright to the Laws of Cricket also has there headquarters here.

7) The Lord’s Honours Board

On this ground, dressing rooms have boards to celebrate the achievement of cricketers who have scored a century, taken 5 wickets in a single inning, or taken 10 wickets on this iconic ground

These honours boards initially included test achievements only, but from 2019 onwards, ODI performances are also recognized.

8) Australia’s winning streak

From 1934 to 2009, Australia held a winning streak against England

In the 2nd test of the 2009 Ashes series, English all-rounder Andrew Flintoff took 5-92 in the second innings and helped England win their first test against Australia at this ground in 75 years.

9) Mcgrath’s hunting ground

Glenn Mcgrath, the legendary Australian fast bowler, has a superb record on this ground

He picked 8-38 against England on this venue during the 1997 Ashes series, which is the best individual figures for an overseas cricketer on this ground

Mcgrath also holds the record for most wickets captured on this ground by a non-English cricketer with 26 wickets.

10) When Graham Gooch broke Bradman’s Record

Sir Don Bradman scored an epic 254 runs on this ground in 1930, a ground record which held for 60 years

It was only got broken when Graham Gooch scored a mammoth 333 on this ground against India in 1990
This is also the highest test score ever made on this ground.

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