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Cricbuzz App: An emmaculate overview of India’s No.1 sporting app (2021)

The Cricbuzz app in 2020, with 100 million downloads, has over 50 million users worldwide

Its app and website covers cricket related news, articles, and provides live coverage of cricket matches.

Owned by Times Internet, the cricbuzz app is available in both Google Play and iOS platforms

In January 2020, CricBuzz was ranked 341 globally and 30 in India by Alexa Internet.


How did it start?

Who founded Cricbuzz?

In 2004, Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agarwal, and Pravin Hegde created the cricbuzz website.

By 2010, Cricbuzz started providing live cricket scores and live cricket news in their cricbuzz app platform as well.

Cricbuzz in recent years

In 2014, Times Internet gained a maximum stake in cricbuzz

Even then, it is still managed by its founders

In 2015, Times internet owned Go-cricket also got merged with cricbuzz.

Cricbuzz Now

The website is having estimated monthly traffic of 21 million

The viewers spent 2.6 billion minutes on the app (almost 5000 years!! Can you imagine?)

Cricbuzz app is the first sports app in India to cross 100 million downloads.

It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world right now

ICC World Cup 2019 was so successful that ICC wants to organize tournaments every year

Therefore, with ICC events becoming so frequent cricbuzz app is bound to grow by leaps and bounds.

Cricbuzz App: Pros

Cricbuzz app :rating

In 2020, the Cricbuzz app has an impressive 4.3 stars on Google Play with more than 1 million reviews

It also has an amazing 4.6 stars rating on the iOS App Store platform

Easy to understand

Everything that you get in the cricbuzz app is very informative and also easy to understand

On other websites, articles are either too boring or less engaging

The tough vocabulary used in other cricket app makes it harder for audiences to understand

But with this app or even website, users don’t face that problem

It also has a good and simple user interface that makes it quite easy to use

Extensive coverage of all international cricket tournaments

It covers every major international cricket tournament that is happening around the world

IPL, CPL, BBL, Natwest T20 Blast and every major cricket tournament all are covered

It also provides trivia, weather conditions for upcoming and live matches

The cricbuzz app live cricket score feature helps in providing regular cricket update

It also helps people on betting sites to follow what’s happening in the match

ICC Rankings, records of teams and players, every stats, from batting average to bowling figures and catches are there at your fingertips with this app

The ICC ranking of each player and each team, individual records, team records – all are easy to find

Also, you can find an overall match and series stats and record of each player

It provides individual records for all the three formats of the game be it – Test, One-day or T20s

Cricbuzz also provides IPL stats of all the players that played in IPL

Live score updates and ball by ball commentary

In the core, with cricbuzz, we have the fastest live scores and entertaining ball by ball text commentary

Therefore you can follow any match that’s being played right now and get the fastest update

People can easily get notification about interesting moments and can easily share scores with friends and family

You can also tap for live audio commentary and can listen to it in English or any regional languages


Lots of cricket resources

It has got a huge amount of cricket resources which are both relevant and engaging to the audiences

Also the cricket news, articles are straightforward for you to find

They have all the latest cricket news from around the world

In-depth analysis is done on current cricket issues

You can always tune in to Cricbuzz for the latest cricket information

Their editorial section also contains weekly articles by Harsha Bhogle

You can easily find every match and complete series review over here

It also contains tonnes of non-core content which makes room for a better cricket experience


Lots of visual content

It has got a huge amount of cricket resources that are both relevant and engaging to the audiences

Also, the cricket news, editorials and are very easy for you to find

It also contains tonnes of non-core content which makes room for a better cricket experience

It’s a common saying that ” A picture is worth a thousand words ” and cricbuzz thoroughly believes it

Cricbuzz has video highlights for select matches, and you can easily relive those games any time you want

Harsha Bhogle features in most of the exclusive videos, and that makes it more interesting

It has exclusive visual content be it an ‘image’ or a ‘video’ to satisfy the viewer’s experience


Cricbuzz archive

The archive section is a nice way to look at past performances

You can easily get stats of 2011,2015 or 2019 World Cup matches or any match you want

Schedule of upcoming matches and dedicated content

The schedule of upcoming matches is readily available for its users

In recent times cricbuzz has made dedicated content keeping in mind the major tournaments

So, be it Ashes, IPL, ICC Cricket World Cup, it has made dedicated content on each of the events


Cricbuzz smart alerts feature

The cricbuzz app has a smart alerts feature, and hence you don’t have to check the scores every time

Push notifications via smart alerts and whatever news, score, and you always get an update

So you don’t miss a ball and get a regular update


Cricbuzz interviews and analysis

Recently cricbuzz is taking a lot of exclusive interviews of less-known or somewhat forgotten players

We know an interview of someone like Virat is always a hot pie, but now these are cool stuff

It’s cool in the sense that it brings many less known players into the limelight

Cricbuzz also provides pre and post-match analysis in their app, it’s no less than a treat for all the cricket fans

One thing I feel that with Harsha Bhogle getting involved, things are really getting interesting


Cricbuzz App: Only cricketing content

When you are talking about cricket-related matters, you should stick to cricket only and not anything else

Discussing cricket related issues call for an objective view on the subject and cricbuzz does it better than everyone else

It’s often found that others tend to stay biased towards overseas nations and Asians are accused most of the time

Cricbuzz does that well by talking about every issue from a cricketing standpoint

Cricbuzz App: Cons

Now I want to focus on things cricbuzz need to work on

It is something I believe on a personal level they need to adapt to make it more appreciable

A lot of unwanted ads

Cricbuzz contains too much-unwanted ads in their app, and that’s why it’s somewhat annoying for us

We get to see ad popping up as we switch between different tabs

Previously, they placed ads only in the top or bottom banners, but now it covers a large area

I think the video ads are even more irritating than the banner ones

Also, there is some music advertisement that pops up every time which cannot be paused

What worst is that you can’t hide them when you don’t want to see them

We know that Google Adsense is their primary source of earning, but that must not come at the expense of its viewers

This is in my view the biggest problem with this app as it significantly spoils the user experience

Cricbuzz commentary

There are many issues on live review as scores don’t get updated fast these days

You cannot go and check the previous overs

Yes, you can go down and check what events happened in last overs but just to a limited extent

Also, there is always a delay to provide the playing XI after the toss

It is becoming less engaging and less interactive

I do believe any cricket or any sports fan for that want their comments to get heard

They want to share their cricketing thoughts among themselves and wants to interact with each other

Unfortunately, cricbuzz has never given his fans the much-needed platform to express themselves

It doesn’t allow people to comment through their app and for that they ask to provide your login credentials in their website

At least 1 million active users every moment worldwide they can make it entertaining by introducing interactive conversations

No information available on domestic players

It is a very annoying feature as users don’t get to know any information about local players

For example, a few years back, we had no information about Hanuma Vihari

But, he has one of the highest first-class averages, and some of us knew that fact.

But, when you want to know his stats, we can only get it through ESPN Cricinfo

If you’re the best sports app in India, that severely undermines their credibility

No mention of catching and stumping records

There is no mentioning of the number of catches one player has taken in his career

It completely neglects the third aspect of the game, that is fielding

On the other hand, stumping records are only specific to the wicket-keepers

Therefore, Cricbuzz should include both of these records to give us the complete picture

Less importance on women’s cricket

Cricbuzz don’t provide women cricket that much importance

There is less to no information available about women cricketers

We have great women cricketers like Mithali Raj or a Jhulan Goswami in our country

But, we hear them being the best in their respective game but very less information is available about them

We expect Cricbuzz to provide a right amount of information about them

Too much India-oriented cricket news

The app is getting too much India-oriented right now

It must work on getting cricket news from all over the world

It focuses on domestic T20 league in India that is IPL as you can only have access to IPL records of T20 players

Yes, its the most competitive T20 league in the world but we also want to have information other leagues as well

But, anyone in India would also want to know BBL, CPL stats as well and the people living outside India would also want to see their teams getting mentioned

Therefore, with Cricbuzz expanding globally, they should try to serve the needs of all cricket fans from every part of the world

New layout and navigation isn’t good enough

The new layout and navigation of the app is awful, and it becomes tough to keep track of ongoing live matches

In the earlier version of cricbuzz, fewer clicks were needed but somehow with the new version you need multiple clicks

Multiple clicks for just knowing the live scores is something very tiring, and they should keep an eye on that matter

Technical issues negatively affecting the users

The cricbuzz app sometimes takes much time to load

It has got too many bugs, and there are times you open the app, and it shows no stats

In many cases, I think the re-installation also fails to solve this problem

The slow loading process makes the cricbuzz scores run way too late

Some other concerns

There are a few people in the internet complaining about cricbuzz not covering Pakistan Super League matches

If you ask me, I would always want people to understand that please keep sports away from politics

India and Pakistan indeed has a long history of conflicts

But I would want that cricket viewer of both countries to have an excellent cricketing experience

They can provide only live scores and not the commentary like the List-A matches



Thanks, guys if you have come this far down. I want to thank you guys genuinely

In India, I think everyone knows cricket, and still, you value my points, and that means a lot

I am someone always want to learn, and there is no better teacher than you people

Please feel free to comment on issues we need to work. You people are what matters the most

We are looking forward to your comment

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