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jayant   |  2022-05-18

Best Cricket Academies in India (2022): List of Most Successful Cricket Academies

Many kids and teens are aspiring to be Indian cricket’s next Kohli or Bumrah.

But, as we know, only 11 players get the chance to represent India at the highest level.

That’s why you need to find the best cricket academy for your kid who wants to play cricket.

With so much cricket nowadays, you should have functional fitness if you want to play for a long time.

That’s why your kid or any teen needs overall guidance and should train more scientifically.

For that reason, we are providing the list of the best cricket academy in India that will bring the best from you.

Content List: Best Cricket Academies in India (2021)

  1. Best Cricket Academies in Delhi
  2. Best Cricket Academies in Mumbai
  3. Best Cricket Academies in Bangalore
  4. Best Cricket Academies in Kolkata
  5. Best Cricket Academies in Chennai
  6. Best Cricket Academies in Hyderabad
  7. Best Cricket Academies in Pune

Best cricket academies in Delhi

1) L.B Shastri Cricket Club

Coach Sanjay Bharadwaj with the players of the academy

Always busy, always crowded LB Shastri cricket academy is undoubtedly the best cricket academy in Delhi

Sanjay Bhardwaj, the coach of the academy, is a busy man who always keeps a keen eye on all the players

LB Shastri academy, one of the best-known academies in Delhi, has produced many international players

Gautam Gambhir, Amit Mishra, Unmukt Chand, Navdeep Saini, all have made a name for themselves

Even after winning the prestigious Dronacharya award, Sanjay Bhardwaj is still in search of other talents

So, if you have the talent in you, then he is the right man to take you to the next level

  • Address: LB Shastri Cricket Club, Hiranki Road,Delhi,110036,India
  • Mobile: +91-098-103-96495 ,+91-093-122-22232
  • Email: sanjay.bhardwaj44@yahoo.com
  • Website: www.lbshastricricketclub.com

2) Sonnet Cricket Club

Tarak Sinha, a Dronacharya award winner, is the head coach of this cricket academy

Established in 1969, this cricket academy is probably the oldest and most famous cricket academy in India

Shikhar Dhawan, Risabh Pant, Ashish Nehra, Anjum Chopra – all started their journey with this academy

Tarak Sinha lovably called ‘Ustaadji’ is the head coach of this cricket academy in New Delhi

But what makes him different from some other coaches is that he treats everyone in the same way

He is the father figure in that institution who still treats you the same way as any international players

There are many coaches who work under him, and they always guide you if you are doing anything wrong

On the other hand, there is a lot of discipline in the boys, and it helps them to focus only on cricket

The coaches provide a lot of confidence to the players which help improve their game

A big ground with cement-turf, matting wickets – it’s the absolute best academy for cricketers

In case you want to join the academy you have to participate in the trials that usually takes place on weekends

  • Address: Venkateshwara College Cricket ground, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
  • Mobile : +91-098-103-96495, +91-093-122-22232

3) Madan Lal Cricket Academy

Madan Lal, the legendary Indian fast bowler, is the man behind the success of this cricket academy

The academy believes in quality over quantity, and that’s why it provides their coaching who deserve it

The Director of Cricket, Madan Lal believes strict training is a must for cricketers to stand out in the crowd

According to them, nurturing talent from a young age is the way to make them develop faster

This academy with their well-trained coaches carefully observe their abilities to achieve perfection in their art

Talented cricketers get special attention and Madan Ji sometimes take individual classes with them

Foreign coaches talk with the talents about changing demands of the game so that they can work on them

Bowling machines, video analysis, practice nets – you get all the facilities that help you grow as a cricketer

Players like Rahul Dravid, Kapil Dev visits the academy to share their valuable tips with the players

So, if you live in the Delhi NCR area, this academy will be the best option for you

  • Mobile: +91-9315 215 866
  • Email: anirban.mlca@gmail.com
  • Website: www.madanlalcricketacademy.com

Best cricket academies in Mumbai

1) Vengsarkar Cricket Academy

Dilip Vengsarkar with the young talents of the academy

Established in 1995, Vengsarkar cricket academy is one of the finest academies in the country right now

Dilip Vengsakar, former India player and chief selector, is the mastermind behind their all their success

Their superb training facilities, well-trained coaches, and their fame has drawn attention from all over the nation

Not only Indians but cricketers from other countries also take a great interest in training with the academy

Every year, 150 lucky boys (11-19 years) gets selected from the domestic tournaments organized by the academy

After this selection process is over, they get groomed by the well-trained coaches of the academy

This academy has successfully produced many cricketers who went on to play for their respective Ranji teams

The 2004-2005 team of Mumbai Cricket Association had over half of the cricketers from the academy

International players like Yuvraj Singh, Ajit Agarkar has also trained with the academy a few times

Recently, academy’s Yashasvi Jaiswal made headlines with becoming “man of the series” in U-19 World cup 2020

So, that itself is a statement of how good the cricket academy is

  • Address: Near Hanuman Temple, Wadala Chembur Road, Mahul, Mumbai
  • Mobile: +91-084463 02784 ,+91-09769817803
  • Email: dvcapune@gmail.com

2) Mulund Gymkhana Cricket Academy

Established in 1983, this cricket academy is one of the best cricket academies in Mumbai

Not only well-trained coaches and a significant cricket ground but, they also have lovely training facilities for the players

An air-conditioned gym with steam bath and massage facilities, they try to keep the players physically fit all the time

Now, coming back to the cricketing matters, they have both artificial turf and cement wickets for the players

Gymkhana also has at least six experienced coaches always keeping their eye on where players going wrong

Also, with not that many big names in coaching chair, the kids can easily ask for their advice without any hesitation

As a kid, you still don’t have that much love for the game, and you give up quickly, and the coach’s role becomes vital

The video analyst monitors your game resulting in much work done on your action -whether it’s batting or bowling

The academy provides a seven-month coaching program with summer camps organised between June to September

Also, the fees charged here is very much affordable, and therefore literally anyone can come and join the academy

Ajinkya Rahane, the vice-captain of the Indian Test team, started his cricketing journey with this academy

  • Address: Opp. Shahani Colony, Navghar Road, Mulund East, Mumbai
  • Mobile: +912221639046
  • Email: mulundgymkhana@gmail.com
  • Website: mulundgymkhana.org.in

3) Shivaji Park Gymkhana Cricket Academy

Established in 1909, ‘Shivaji Park Gymkhana Cricket Academy’ is known as the Mecca of Indian cricket

It is often considered the breeding ground of Bombay Cricket and has produced many Ranji and international players

Dronacharya awardee, Ramakant Achrekar, and his student Sachin Tendulkar’s story is still alive when you visit here

Not only Sachin but Sanjay Manjrekar, Vinod Kambli, and many other Indian team players started with this academy

Pravin Amre, the former Indian test cricketer and coach of Mumbai Ranji team, is the current president of the club

A well-maintained professional cricket pitch along with all the fitness facilities, it is one of the best of its kind

Therefore, if you live in Dadar, you can always have their support for your kid to build his/her cricketing career

  • Address: Shivaji Park, Keluskar Road, Dadar, Mumbai
  • Mobile: +912224453811
  • Email: info@shivajiparkgymkhana.com
  • Website: shivajiparkgymkhana.com

Best cricket academies in Bangalore

1) Karnataka Institute of Cricket

Established in 1996, Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) for many people, is the best cricket academy in India

Surely we can’t blame them as many players from this academy has represented India at various levels

Head Coach Mr. Irfan Sait is the only qualified full-time coach in India to complete Level I, II and III coaching courses

Manish Pandey, Mayank Aggarwal, Shreyas Iyer all have trained under this famous cricket academy

The academy always keeps an eye on its players and help them improve their game both mentally and technically

The players have access to world-class facilities with over 40 coaches keeping a close watch on all the players

Bowling machines, speed check radar, artificial turf, ‘coir’ matting wickets – they have all the facilities you need

Even foreign coaches from Australia and England visit and share their knowledge with young talents here

This academy remains open throughout, and your doubts regarding the game always get answered

They also conduct yoga and psychology classes as well to make their cricketers mentally strong

In case you want to contact them, all their contact information is provided below:

  • Address: Gangadhar Chetty Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
  • Mobile : +918618875603
  • Email: cricketkioc@hotmail.com
  • Website: www.kioc.co

2) Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy

‘Karnataka youth cricket academy’ students with the coaches before a match

Located at Mount Litera Zee School Grounds – with well-trained coaches they are one of the best academies in Banglore

The owner Mr.Ranjit is totally committed to ensuring the overall development of the kids of his academy

So, when it comes to introducing modern infrastructure or managing the coaches, it is always for the betterment of players

The coaches ensure the overall development of players by keeping them physically fit or by giving them match exposure

Also, the involvement of well-known foreign coaches in the academy clears further doubts for students

On the other hand, KYCA has all facilities for coaching purposes as it’s an excellent place for practice on net, turf, or machine

It is also more budget-friendly hence more affordable than some other cricket academies in Bangalore like KIOC

  • Address: 58/8, Harlur Road, HSR Extn, Opp KCDC, Bangalore-560068
  • Mobile : +91 9019111118
  • Email: reachus@kyca.in
  • Website: www.kyca.in

3) Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy

‘Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy’ students listening to their coaches after their match in Mysore

The Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy (BPCA), established in 1986, comes as one of the best cricket academies in Bangalore

Modern facilities, exposure to foreign tours with students from every part of the world it is one of the best of its kind

Turf and Matting Pitches, Good Box Nets, Bowling Machines & Speed Gun, Video analysis – you say it and they have it

Most of the professional BPCA’s coaches have the experience of working with Ranji and IPL Teams

Nearly every National cricketer from Karnataka, at some point in their life, has worked with BPCA and that itself gives us the idea of how good the academy really is

But, in recent times, this academy has been accused of favoritism and their inner politics. But, still, it is considered one of the best cricket academies in Bangalore

  • Address: No. 1B, 1/2, Lavelle Raod, Bangalore -560 001
  • Mobile : +91 98440 36023, +91 98800 43858
  • Email: brijeshpatelcricketacademy@gmail.com
  • Website: www.bpca.in

Best cricket academies in Kolkata

1) Mainland Sambaran Cricket Academy

This cricket academy is not only the best cricket academy in Kolkata but also one of the best cricket academies in India

Sambaran Banerjee, former India selector, and ex-Bengal Ranji captain is the founder of the academy

The academy focuses on improving the overall skill of the players by giving them a lot of match exposure

The players in the age group of 8-16 can join the academy and work under the professional coaches

Big Rock Hosting

This academy very much focuses on improving the fitness of the players by putting them in a proper diet

If your kid is good enough, they get selected to visit foreign countries, so they get used to playing in foreign conditions

Also, there are many coaches that will always be monitoring your kid’s progress time by time throughout the year

From 7 am their classes, continue till 5 pm (in batches), and if you live in South Kolkata, this can be your best option

The academy has already given some very promising young cricketers

  • Address: Jatin Bagchi Road (near Vivekananda Park), Kolkata-700029
  • Mobile: 09883463016, 07059818533

2) Khadim Ashok Malhotra Cricket Academy

Situated near Rabindra Sarovar and run by Ashok Malhotra, it is undoubtedly one of the best cricket academies in Kolkata

Famous coaches like Ashok Malhotra, Srikant Kalyani, Rajib Sen, and Timir Sarkar train the students here

Matting wicket, turf wickets, concrete wickets, and with five practice nets this academy offers everything for the students

But, this academy accepts only a handful of players and helps them achieve their full potential as a cricketer

Their scientific training process includes facilities like physiotherapy, gymnasium, and proper diet planning

Shreevats Goswami, Bengal wicket-keeper right now, has come from this cricket academy

  • Address: Sarat Chatterjee Lane, Near Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, Tollygunge, Kolkata-700020
  • Office Landline: 033-24999280

3) Calcutta Cricket Coaching Center

Established in 1990, this age-old cricket coaching center is in Kolkata is often referred to as C4

Founded & Managed by ace coach Riten Bose, this popular cricket academy has a rich 30 years legacy

Riten Bose, Ashok Chakrabarty, Gopal Krishnan, Kanai Pal all have worked with the academy at some point of time

Well maintained practice wickets & nets, friendly coaches have everything your kid needs when starting a cricket career

Three days a week, throughout the year, their classes take place in the Dhakuria region of Kolkata

  • Address: 11/8, Baburam Ghosh Road, Ashok Nagar, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Mobile: 082328 90094, 098313 22656
  • Email: c4.director@gmail.com

Best cricket academies in Chennai

1) VB Cricket Academy

Former Indian cricketer VB Chandrasekhar started this academy in 1997.

Today, many experts consider this academy as the best cricket academy in South India.

It provides coaching to students in the age group between 6 to 19 years.

Then, they are grouped into categories such as under 10, under 14, under 19, and 21.

Like other cricket academies, it also focuses on improving a cricketer both mentally and technically.

Video analysis, Bowling machine, and all modern techniques are used to make sessions more enjoyable

They also conduct individual sessions for cricketers that are going for under-19 or under-21 trials

The process of training is specifically designed to suit the needs of each age group

Coaching schemes like ‘Summer Training Program’ and ‘Annual Weekend Program’ are also organized every year

Their coaching facility also gives cricketers a chance to participate in an in-house training program.

  • Address: Guru Nanak Rd, Indira Gandhi Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042
  • Mobile: +91-098-405-63363
  • Email: vbcricketacademy@hotmail.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/vbcricketacademy

2) Gen Next Cricket Institute

Managed and mentored by Ravichandran Ashwin, “Gen-Next” is one of the best cricket academies in Chennai

Located in the heart of the city, GN Chetty Road, this academy is best if you want your champ to play serious cricket

Bowling machines, practice nets with matting, turf, and concrete wickets it is just perfectly suited for your kid

Apart from providing nutrition counseling and diets, their fitness programs also keep an eye on the player’s fitness

They organize camps throughout the year to select players and so you can come with your kid when he/she is ready

The environment here is friendly, and coaches make a genuine effort to make the players overcome big-stage nervousness

Designed by Ashwin, they’ve two flagship programs – Vision 2020 and High Performance that runs throughout the year

These programs specifically identify the players and help them prepare for the first-class tournaments

  • Address: Ground A, Near LIBA, Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Mobile : +919841784061
  • Email: cricketgennext1@gmail.com
  • Website: gennextcricket.com

3) Reddy’s Cricket Academy

This is one of the vibrant academies in Chennai focusing on which help students get perfection in their technique

Head coach, Siva Reddy is really patient with the talents, and that’s what makes learning such a lovely experience

Well-trained coaches and their expertise with their friendliness creates a wonderful relationship with the student

It has a nice ground with highly motivating Siva sir who gets you to play different matches for practice every week

Big Rock Hosting

Every week the players also get to play on different pitches and conditions which helps the players more adaptable

The ambiance of natures provides motivation for cricket be it for kids or the adults

When Siva sir is not around the junior coaches, take charge and share their valuable guidance with the players

You just need to show your passion and love for the game they will take your game to the next level

The academy has provided its guidance to more than six hundred students and who knows you can be the next

  • Address: Padmavathi Nagar Main Road, Balaji Nagar, Selaiyur, Chennai
  • Mobile: +919381030395

Best cricket academies in Hyderabad

1) St. Johns Cricket Academy

Established in 1987, St. Johns Cricket Academy is one of the most successful cricket academies in Hyderabad

V.V.S. Laxman, Hanuma Vihari, Noel David, M.S.K. Prasad, and many cricketers have come from this academy

Coach Ben Johnson is a veteran coach and a proven genius when it comes to batting technique

Turf, mat, and cement wickets not only give players practice but also helps them prepare for harsh conditions

There are many coaches like Bunny sir, Rohit sir, Venkat sir, Umesh sir, who will inspire you every day

Professional training with competitive matches and it remains a highly recommended institution for cricket coaching

  • Address: No. 10, 1-605, E Marredpally, Teachers Colony, East Nehru Nagar, Secunderabad, Telangana 500026
  • Mobile: +91- 90003-51616 / 80194-56735
  • Email: admin@stjohnscricketacademy.com
  • Website: stjohnscricketacademy.com

2) V.V.S. Sports Academy

Established by former Indian cricketer V.V.S. Laxman, V.V.S.sports academy offers the best for its students

It provides the best training facilities and equipment for its students

The basic training is excellent and once you start performing there is no stopping

Laxman talk to cricketers about the demands of the game as he wants young cricketers to achieve excellence

As Laxman is associated with the Sunrisers, their international players often visit this academy

The expert handpicked coaches encourage enthusiasm, excellence, and innovation, which makes them stand apart.

  • Address: 8-2-269 Block C, Behind Lumbini Jewel Mall, Road Number 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Mobile: +91 7659838884, +91-8096978883
  • Email: info.vvssports@gmail.com
  • Website: vvssportsacademy.com

3) Zubi Cricket Academy

Started in 2011, Zubi Cricket Academy is one of the best cricket academies in Hyderabad

Began to provide equal opportunities for all, this academy focuses on the process of achieving long-term results.

The coaches understand the kids’ psyche well and focus on every student

It is centrally located, easily accessible and a place for cricketers to sharpen their skills along with fitness training

The academy provides training to boys and girls between the ages group of 5 years to 25 years.

On the other hand, it has a more reasonable fee structure than other cricket academies in Hyderabad

So, if you have the talent and want to take cricket as a career, you can join the Zubi cricket academy

  • Address: Ali Cafe Road, Azad Nagar, Amberpet, Hyderabad
  • Mobile: +91 9885942667 , +91 9000207785
  • Email: zubicricketacademy@gmail.com
  • Website: zubicricketacademy.com

Best cricket academies in Pune

1) Vision Cricket Academy

Vision Cricket Academy, with its great coaches, well-maintained cricket, and fitness facilities, is probably the best in Pune.

Well-maintained lush green ground with many practice nets, this academy also has two pavilions.

The environment is suitable for practicing with head coach Mr.Sandeep always helping new cricketers in every possible way and experienced coaches

Not only cricket but the focus is also given to physical training where student trains with modern fitness equipment

This academy is also situated near the Pune-Mumbai expressway and is the central place for quite a few areas, which makes transportation that much easier.

  • Address: D9, Sun City Rd, Sun City, Anand Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411051
  • Mobile : +91-98901 71195

2) Jus Cricket Academy

Established in 2014, JusCricket Academy is the perfect destination to start your cricket if you are from Pune.

The academy entirely devotes itself to help their students to fulfill their potential in the sport.

Affiliated with Maharashtra Cricket Association(MCA), the club is eligible to play selection matches of Maharashtra U-14,16,19,22 and Ranji Trophy.

The academy’s founder Parag More (ex- Ranji players), commits itself to provide its students with International exposure.

Excellent place to learn cricket, the academy has started growing up, and with time we can expect it to become the best in the city in 3 or 4 years.

  • Address: Pawar Public School, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar Pune – 411028
  • Mobile : +91 98232 32666
  • Email: parag100more@yahoo.com +91 98232 32666
  • Website: juscricket.com

3) VIRAG Cricket Academy

Founded by Virag Awate, it’s an excellent academy for new cricketers to learn new skills and perfect their cricketing skills

Virag is an experienced coach, and his sharp observations and his genuine attention towards each player makes it a perfect option for your kid

The focus is not just on physical training but also on mental strengthening to help the players overcome the fear of defeat

They also have excellent facilities for batting, bowling as well as fielding to master the basics of cricket

  1. Address: Nyati Ambience, Delhi public school, near Mohammadwadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411060
  2. Mobile : +91-90210 97575
  3. Facebook: facebook.com/viragcricketacademy

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