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jayant   |  2021-06-14

Amazon Prime The Test : Top 5 Reasons To Watch It Right Now

For quite a few days, I had quite a few sleepless nights as its hard to connect with my relatives due to this crisis

Anyways, this sitting at home thing allowed me to enjoy Amazon Prime’s ‘The Test’ web-series on their digital platform

I was amazed to see the web-series just because of how original it was in presenting the story

What the web-series is all about?

amazon prime’s the test featuring mitchell starc, Justin Langer, Steven Smith, Pat Cummins

In March 2018, fans were in total disbelief as their favourite cricketers were accused of ball-tampering

There were many speculations on how Australia will recover from these testing times

But as we all know, they retained the Ashes in England and is now recognised as one of the best teams in the World

But, if you wanna know how they managed to rebuild their lost reputation, then ‘The Test.’ is for you

Amazon Prime’s ‘The Test’ presents you all the inside stories of Australian men’s cricket team in those 18 months

Yes, you can’t expect a 100% accurate picture of ‘Cricket Australia’ as they’ve given so much access to their dressing room

In bits and pieces, you understand this creative control, but still, it is something never experienced before

Here, I’m just trying not to give any spoilers, but think it will not be entirely possible

So, with that said let’s get back to business and talk about the five reasons which make it a must watch

Amazon Prime ‘The Test’ : Top 5 Reasons To Watch It Right Now

Justin Langer: The accidental coach who turned it around

In any web-series, we need someone playing the leading role, and Justin Langer played that kind of a part here

The story revolves very much around him as he was the one who took charge of Australia in this tough time

The Cape Town incident led to the ban of – Steve Smith and David Warner who were the backbone of their batting

Justin Langer, much like Rahul Dravid of Indian Cricket never got the credit he rightly deserved from Australian cricket

Post-ball-tampering scandal, making Langer the coach was also to improve the team’s image in the public eye

But what did he get? Two completely new captains with a bunch of talented players with limited international exposure

For Langer, the main thing was to inject the winning mentality in a dressing room which lost believing in themselves

It was a different experience for Langer as he was part of an Australian team which had this hunger to win

When in his first series as the coach, his team loses 5-0 against England, Langer uses the F-word every few seconds while lashing out

His authority even got resistance from the outspoken Usman Khawaja, but he convinced the team, and it finally reaped benefits

So, this journey through a ‘lot of failures’ to finally getting ‘success’ makes it a great watch

Tim Paine: The Unsung Hero who deserves your applause

So, Tim Paine and Aaron Finch were never expecting a captaincy job and suddenly was made the captain of the side

It is understandable when we talk about Finch as he was a senior member of the limited-overs format

He captained Australia in the T20s, and it was a no-brainer to give him the captaincy role

But, if you think about Tim Paine, I mean he is a decent enough wicket-keeper, but giving the captaincy job opened many eyes

We were feeling like, Oh Gosh!! Who is he? That’s how surprising it was to see him getting the captaincy job

Yes, Paine would have loved to perform better than what he did, but still, he made sure that the team believe that they could win

If you go through the movie, you will understand that Paine is someone who will always be the first one admit if he commits a mistake

That is what happens during the Perth Test in 2018 where he acknowledged that he shouldn’t have taken a dig on Kohli

So, this type of conversations where the captain admits to coach is shown, and management has agreed to that

Have you ever seen such things in any docuseries? That’s why you need to watch it now

A real picture of the psyche of the cricket players

This docuseries also give a real picture of how tough it is to be an international cricketer

It looks glamorous on the outside, but it shows how stressful it is for the cricketers in a very detailed way

It gives us a glimpse into mental preparations of players, so they don’t get mentally disintegrated

‘The Test’ reveals what failure does to players. In the field with so many people, you can’t show that much emotions

But, in the dressing room, your true feelings come out, and you get an idea of how leaders handle such situations and come out on top

Batsmen throwing things, Finch finding it wrong lecturing when he is not getting runs, it takes you in an emotional roller-coaster

Steve Smith battling his inner demons, Nathan Lyon getting emotional on giving Test cap to Travis Head, such access into a team is not to miss

An eye-opener when it comes to talking about team-bonding

In a cricket team, there are many individuals and all of them tries to work together so that the team gets benefited

So, you can take it like an office where all people are trying to increase the revenue of a firm, and that’s why they have to work together

In this way, in teams, with some players, you only have a professional relationship, and with some, it goes beyond that

This aspect is visible between Marcus Stoinis and Adam Zampa, Smith and Labuschagne where they bond which is more than professional

You would notice Langer emphasizing on ‘we’ and not ‘me.’, putting an arm around the shoulder, reminding me the ‘Chak De India’ movie

A happy ending to close the final chapter

As Indians, we like everything to end happily, and here the movie doesn’t disappoint us

The story which started with so many uncool moments and sadness finally came to a happy conclusion

We see someone like Steven Smith walking in to bat in the Ashes series with a hostile English crowd booing him

But while coming in the very end of the series, we see him emerge as a star and Australia retaining the Ashes

So, that was my take on ‘The Test.’ that I would highly suggest to all of you

Not only because of how real it is, but I want you to watch it as it will make your bond with cricket stronger

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