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jayant   |  2021-12-20

Top 10 Allan Donald Facts – The White Lightning

Allan Donald is arguably one of the greatest fast bowlers South Africa has ever produced.

A workhorse, a perfect team-man, Donald, along with Pollock, helped South Africa win a lot of matches in the 1990s

So, today we are listing down 10 interesting facts about Allan Donald – the White lightning.

Top 10 Allan Donald Facts

Image source: Getty Images

1) Birth Facts

Allan Donald was born on 20th October 1966 in the city of Bloemfontein in South Africa.

2) The White Lightning

At the age of 25, Allan made his international debut for South Africa and impressed everyone with his lightning-quick pace bowling

His lightning-fast deliveries used to trouble the best of batsmen and so, people lovingly used to call him the ‘ The White lightning’

3) Domestic career debut

In 1985, Donald made his first-class debut for the Free State first-class cricket team in South Africa.

4) Superb international debut

In 1991, Donald made a superb debut against India at the Eden Gardens and impressed everyone with his deceptive pace

He gave away 29 runs, claimed five wickets, and announced himself on the world stage

Next year, in 1992, he made his Test debut against West Indies and ended with figures of 2–67 and 4–77 in that Test match.

5) Famous incident involving Mike Atherton

In 1998, during the Trent Bridge test match, Donald was involved in a famous encounter with English batsman Mike Atherton

Even though Donald was steaming in at 90mph, Atherton was playing him with ease, which frustrated Donald and he kept abusing him

This small encounter caught everyone’s attention on both the ground and TV. It remains in the memory of all Test Match lovers.

Many years later, both Atherton and Donald mentioned this incident in their respective autobiographies and also presented Donald with the gloves he wore in that match for Donald’s benefit year auction.

6) County cricket in England:

Outside of being a superb performer for the Proteas, Allan was also a very successful cricketer on English county cricket.

In 1987, Allan Donald joined Warwickshire and spearheaded its fast bowling department for 13 long years before joining Worcestershire in 2002

7) Fast bowling legend

He was the first South African fast bowler to pick up 300 Test wickets at an average of 22.25. He also picked five wickets on 20 different occasions.

8) Distinctive looks

While playing, Allan Donald applied zinc cream across his cheeks and this look was quite popular among cricket fans

9) Controversy

In 1997, Donald used racially abusive language against Rahul Dravid in the final of an ODI series

After that, he came under intense scrutiny from both ICC and the international media

10) Post-retirement career

After retiring, Alan Donald became a cricket commentator and also a cricket coach

  • He coached the Warwickshire County Cricket and also became the bowling coach of South Africa.
  • Alan was also the bowling coach of the Royal Challengers Bangalore during the IPL 2014 season.

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