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jayant   |  2021-06-08

Top 10 affordable cricket bats online to order right now

Before talking about, ‘Top 10 most affordable cricket bats to order online in India’, I want to take some extra time from you

I think it is essential that you know about cricket bats themselves, before knowing about those highly recommended bats

You can just scroll down and check the list, but, I would still suggest you have a look at this part as well

Here, I will be going about the details you just can not miss out on if you are thinking about purchasing a cricket bat

So, go slow, have your cup of tea, and note down the details as I am going to break them down step-by-step

Content List

  • Basics: Parts of a Cricket Bat
  • How to select a Cricket Bat?
  • Top 5 most affordable Kashmir willow cricket bats available online
  • Top 5 most affordable English willow cricket bats available online

1) Basics: Parts of a Cricket Bat

Before talking about what makes a good cricket bat, firstly, I want to talk about the essential parts of it

Every cricket bat, no matter of whatever kind, has three necessary parts:

As the name suggests, the handle is where the player holds the bat.

The splice is an upside-down triangle-shaped part joining the handle and the blad

Finally, the blade is the part of the bat used to strike the ball consisting of two edges, a face, a spine, and the toe.


2) How to select a Cricket Bat?

( i ) Never Focus On Brands

Big brands usually mean that they will be more likely to produce good quality bats

But, just because it is a Kookaburra or a Spartan, it does not necessarily mean that it will be suitable for you

Brand influences people, your favorite player may use Spartan bats; it does not mean you have to use Spartan bats

But, as I have said earlier, you have to understand that not all bat models will be the very best for you

I would instead suggest you visit a cricket store, pick a bat, do come knocking, and if it feels good, then buy it


( ii ) Select a Proper Size Bat

One of the most essential points you need to keep in mind while purchasing a cricket bat is its size.

Always select the size of a cricket bat carefully keeping in mind whether you are comfortable with it or not

I have seen coaches advise the beginners to use a longer-sized bat thinking that they would eventually get used to it

An easy way to check is to see if its height is just below your waist or not

If the size of the bat is just below your waist, it is perfect for you, or else you must change the bat

But, if you ask me I would still suggest you focus on the present and choose a bat based on your age and height

Now, this is about preference, but even then, when it comes to batting handle – most senior batsmen opts for a short handle

A short handle allows greater control of your blade, but again it is all about your preference and comfortability

Someone like Cheteshwar Pujara scores many runs each season with a long-handle bat


( iii ) Weight Of A Bat: An Important Factor

Everyone would agree on the fact that weight is the most crucial aspect of any cricket bat

This feature is so important that it can either make or destroy your entire career if you do not choose the right bat

We generally see that coaches prefer their students to carry a somewhat heavier bat

But, for me, this is a habit that will have a massive impact on their game as they grow up

When you use a slightly lighter type of bat you can wave quickly it will widen your range of shots

So, it would help if you started with a bat that perfectly suits your age, ability, and strength

The easiest way to check if a bat will be appropriate or not, you need to hold it with your non-dominant hand

If you can easily carry it with your non-dominant hand it will be perfect for you, otherwise, change the bat

Top-hand plays a significant role in the ability to play shots which makes choosing the right weight bat important

A heavy bat make front foot shots easy, but when it comes to hooking, pull or cut, generating power becomes difficult

So, my advice to beginners will be to start with a lighter bat, and after a period you can switch to heavier bats


( iv ) English Willow or Kashmir Willow

There is a lot of curiosity about whether starting with an ‘English’ or a ‘Kashmir’ willow

The wood of an average ‘Kashmir willow’ is harder than ‘English willow’, and that is why you must start with it

An ‘English willow’ is relatively weak, and therefore, you may end up damaging the bat while practising

But, with ‘Kashmir willow’, as the wood is strong and durable, you can get a lot of match practicing


( v ) Quality: How To Understand?

A cricket bat varies in the standard, and I don’t need to tell you how important this quality factor is

Grade 1+ is the highest quality English willow bat, used by professional cricketers for international matches

A Test match standard cricket bat, but with colossal demand, it is getting available for public use

Then it comes down to Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 where it gets discolored and bleached

If you are a beginner, it is okay to start with a Grade 3 or a Grade 4 bat

Just keep in mind that you have to do proper knocking and its performance will increase over time


( vi ) Look for a bat with a Higher Spine and Big edges

A higher spine means there is more willow behind ‘sweet spot’

It also represents that the sweet spot is deeper inside which shows better rebounding qualities

As a result, it helps the bat generate a lot of power on the ball while playing cricket shots

Then, if the bat is having big edges, both of them makes sure that the bat has a huge hitting area

Therefore, you should always choose a bat with higher spine and big edges


( vii ) Your Batting Technique & its Importance

Your batting style plays a vital role in deciding your choice of a cricket bat

For example, if you are a robust and front-foot player, then you better get a cricket bat with a low sweet spot

However, if you play a lot of horizontal bat shots in the air, a higher sweet spot position will be preferable

On the other hand, a defensive backfoot player might prefer long-handle bat as it allows them to play late

So, it’s you and your comfortability that matters the most


To Summarize Everything

Therefore, I would conclude my thoughts about ‘How to select a cricket bat? by saying –

  • Do not pick a cricket bat based on your favourite cricket brand
  • Pick a cricket bat which has an average height just below your waist
  • A bat which is relatively lighter and comfortable to wave around is always recommended
  • Kashmir willow, being more durable, is always suggested for beginners
  • We highly recommend you to choose a bat with a higher spine and big edges
  • The quality of the bat and your style of playing makes the final call

Top 5 Kashmir willow cricket bats available online

Though, there is no clear-cut distinction between English and Kashmir willow, but, the latter tend to be harder

A typical Kashmir willow consist of grains below 8 and need knocking and oiling to reach its optimum performance

Knocking improves the strokeplay of a bat, whereas, the oiling makes it more durable

So, with that said, we will first provide the list of ‘Top 5 most affordable Kashmir willow cricket bats available online.’

Then, we will follow it up by mentioning the list of ‘Top 5 most affordable English willow cricket bats available online.’


Top 5 most affordable Kashmir willow cricket bats


1. GM Sting Kashmir Willow

  • Easy to control while playing powerful shots
  • Comfortable handle with good quality rubber applied on it
  • It can be used for both tennis & leather ball
  • Well-designed, Light-weighted (1175-1300 gm) bat
  • It has a 3.8-star average review from 377 ratings
  • GRADE- 1 cricket bat that easily the best at this price
  • 12+ kids can use it
  • It has no toe-guard
  • This bat has a fragile edge
  • You should knock it well before playing

2. SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow

  • The typical bat of this quality has 7-8 grains
  • Willow is good, the blade is covered with fiber sheet
  • 4-star average review from 82 customer ratings
  • It provides superior power and control
  • It can be used for both tennis & leather ball
  • Around 1100-1200 gm, we highly recommend it for players above 15+
  • It has a long handle
  • Its weight is slightly on the heavier side

3. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Short Handle Mens

  • It is light-weighted with massive edges
  • 3.9-star average review from 401 customer ratings
  • Made from top-quality Kashmir Willow
  • Provides fantastic balance while playing shots
  • Extended Power Zone from mid to lower
  • Lower sweet spot helps improve your front-foot technique
  • It has fitted toe guard providing more protection
  • ​It requires knocking for proper use in a leather ball match
  • Not well-suited for leather ball

4. SG Phoenix Extreme Kashmir Willow

  • Thick edges and curved blade
  • Ideal for Beginners & Above
  • It has a 3.9-star average review from 215 ratings
  • It is SG’s top-quality Kashmir willow
  • Weight is absolutely perfect which means it is neither too light nor too heavy
  • Equally eligible for both leather and tennis balls
  • Exclusively designed for the longer format of the game, improves your front-foot technique
  • Short handle and more helpful for players with the gift of timing
  • It requires knocking to deliver its optimum performance

5. Balance Burn Kashmir Willow

  • Made from top-quality Kashmir Willow
  • It is designed in such a way, you can easily generate powerful shots
  • This bat has a 4.5-star average review from 69 ratings
  • It has a toe-guard along with a bat cover
  • A perfect choice for tennis ball cricket
  • It has a weight of 1.2 kg which is really easy to handle
  • Not well-suited for the leather ball and only suitable for a tennis ball
  • Needs proper oiling and knocking to deliver optimum performance

Top 5 English willow cricket bats available online

English willows are less durable but better suited for strokeplay and power-hitting than compared to Kashmir ones

They usually start giving their optimum performances much earlier than the Kashmir ones

These are the reasons why English willow command a relatively higher price in the market


Top 5 most affordable English willow cricket bats


1. SS Magnum English Willow

  • It is a lightweight bat with a scale grip
  • It is exclusively designed for professional cricketers
  • 3.6-star average review from 674 customer ratings
  • It is effortless to handle if you are trying to time the ball
  • A very reliable option if you want to buy a quality bat as it’s a value for money product
  • It’s concave thick edge ensure that you always will get value for your shots whether well-timed or not
  • Not suited for everyone
  • Toe-guard is not provided with this product

2. WOLFER Vaulter Grade 4A English Willow

  • It is a handmade bat built using top-quality English willow
  • It is light-weighted (1.2 kg)
  • This bat comes with a toe-guard and bat cover
  • It is an authentic English willow with 6-7 grains
  • 4.2-star average review from 52 customer ratings
  • It has the proper thickness for hitting big shots
  • it has an excellent pickup and feels lighter than bats with the same thickness
  • Fantastic black and chrome colour combination and comes with an excellent nice padded foam cover
  • A bit more expensive

3. SS Custom English Willow

  • It is a good English willow bat with 6 big grains
  • 4-star average review from 50 customer ratings
  • It is light-weighted and very easy to play cricket shots
  • This spine of the bat combined with its big edge of the bat and gives super power on shots
  • It is a mid sweet spot positioned bat with big edge (39 to 42 mm)
  • ​Needs proper knocking and oiling to deliver the best performance

4. New balance Balance DC 540 English Willow

  • It is a top-quality English willow with a fantastic fresh camouflage look
  • This bat has quite a beautiful look with a very lightweight pick-up
  • It is specially designed for players who want value for their shots
  • It is ideal for both teens and adults and you can easily use it for Club or School level matches
  • The Singapore Cane Handle with Grip helps in holding the bat firmly
  • Needs proper knocking and oiling before playing with a leather ball
  • A bit expensive

5. Gray-Nicolls Velocity GN1 Exclusive 2019 English Willow

  • Made from high-quality English willow, it gives the option to choose the size according to your height
  • It has a zone pro grip that improves feel and control while playing shots
  • Mid-blade ideal suited for all-round stroke play
  • 3.5-star average review from 31 customer ratings
  • A semi-oval handle provides players with comfort and complete control
  • It’s the high spine and thick edges that provide dynamic power
  • It does not have sufficient cushion in bat handle

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